Isador Is Ready To Release His “Demons”

His new single is pure catharsis

by NYLON x 300 Entertainment

Each week, we’re bringing you a new video by one of 300 Entertainment’s best up-and-coming artists, as part of the BRKRS series. Each musician was placed in the same 10x10 room, with the assignment to make the space their own and tell their audience who they really are. They’re the next big names in the music industry, we’re just letting you know first.

Isador’s latest single, “Demons,” starts out sounding like a soft piano ballad, but soon after turns into a powerful rush of emotions, the singer belting out lyrics with all his might. The song feels like a catharsis for the singer and for the listener; listening to it lets us know we’re not alone in our experiences, no matter how much it might sometimes feel that way.

And yet, as Isador told Shanté Cosme, when he was first starting out, he worried that listeners may not be able to understand where he was coming from: “It’s the worst thing if people don’t get the music, if something is lost in translation—whether my bio isn’t good enough, or my press photos aren’t accurately representing how I feel. I get caught up in all the little things like that.”

Making music helps him “to just get through [his] life,” Isador told Cosme, and says that his inspiration comes from “the most personal of spaces.” The result is a self-consciousness in “[letting] people listen to it, and then [having] to be worried about Spotify streaming numbers and things like that.” 

It's no wonder he wants to ignore all the numbers and noise and just focus on the music itself; for Isador, his art is an emotional release, an outlet. “Music is like my therapy,” he said, “and it has saved me so many times.” 

Watch him be saved in the video for “Demons,” above.