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    the ultimate it girl-approved list of fall must-haves.

    by · October 14, 2013

    What makes a girl ‘It’?

    It’s a good question--and one that doesn’t really have an answer. Because sometimes you just know it, whether it’s an up-and-coming actress who you think is going to be stealing scenes onscreen or a DJ who somehow always introduces you to your new song obsessions. That’s been our experience culling our annual It Girl feature in the October issue, where we showcase the women we think have that intangible buzz about them. We can’t explain it, other than just getting a feeling deep in our gut that these are ladies doing some of the coolest things you haven’t heard about...yet.

    The same goes for picking an It Item, be it a bag, jacket, or lipstick. It’s hard to put our finger on just why we want it so badly, but that doesn’t make us obsess over it any less.

    We’ve already introduced you to our 2013 class of It Girls--turn to page 154 of the October issue to get to know them all--but now it’s their turn to share what they think is It right now. That’s right, we asked everyone from Emily Ratajkowski (aka the “Blurred Lines” model) to Arrow’s Jessica De Gouw to share with us the item they’re loving right now. And even better, they actually explain why they think it’s so cool. Click through the gallery for our it Girls’ It Picks.

    THE IT GIRL: Emily Ratajkowski (model)THE IT PICK: Acne Rita Black Jacket - $1,150
    WHY: “You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, especially this one from Acne. It can be dressed up or down and will keep me warm as it starts to get colder in New York City.”

    THE IT GIRL: Mackenzie Davis (actress)THE IT PICK: The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror (Season 1, Episode 1)WHY: “There are two things in this world that mean more to me than anything else: The Simpsons and pizza. As my It Pick I really wanted to link to the entire Simpsons series box set (or, let’s be honest, seasons 1-9) but in honor of Halloween, I chose the Treehouse of Horror collection to stream on Amazon. While The Simpsons is obviously enduring and sort of timeless, I still think it’s an ‘It’ experience because some things never go out of style. My favorites are “The Raven” and any episode involving the aliens Kang and Kudos. Please watch with pizza.”

    THE IT GIRL: Greta Bellamacina (writer)THE IT PICK: Bella Freud Day For Night Sweater - $375
    WHY: “I love Bella Freud’s latest beatnik collection of jumpers--I’m always drawn to words and phrases, wherever they may be.”

    THE IT GIRL: Jessica de Gouw (actress)THE IT PICK: J.O.D. Leather Jacket - $395
    WHY: “They’re a Dublin-based designer and the jackets are tailored to fit you perfectly. I take mine everywhere, and I’ve never seen anything else like it. It’s simple, bold and edgy.”

    THE IT GIRL: Jetta (musician)THE IT PICK: Maria Black Jewelry
    WHY: “I wear it religiously. It’s like my body armor--a lot of spikes and safety pins. [There is] more classic stuff, too, but I like the ‘walking weapon’ look.”

    THE IT GIRL: Charlotte Carey (model)THE IT PICK: Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Sweet Fig - $32
    WHY: “I just feel I need a little color on my lips to start my day. And I love that color--it’s not too much and is a bit natural looking with a gloss. It’s the only makeup I use on my face.”

    THE IT GIRL: Alix Brown (musician/stylist)THE IT PICK: Stuart Weitzman Highline Boots in Blue Suede - $655
    WHY: “I love these because the coming-slightly-over-the-knee shape. And I’m into navy for fall--it goes with everything!”

    THE IT GIRL: Amy Van Doran (matchmaker)THE IT PICK: Lime Crime Lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket - $16
    WHY: “Their lipsticks come in the craziest colors, and actually stay on all day! My Beautiful Rocket is my favorite color of theirs because it matches my orange hair.”

    THE IT GIRL: Pom Klementieff (actress)THE IT PICK: IRO Limited Edition Hyde Leather Jacket - $1,369.50
    WHY: “I love it because it’s black and white, timeless, and badass. I recently got my motorcycle license so I had to get this beautiful leather jacket!”

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