After Watching This Terrifying New ‘It’ Trailer, You’ll Float Too

Sewer vibes

You know what the town of Derry, Maine has had? It. Quite literally.

The new, official trailer for the remake of It dives deeper into the myth that haunts the northeastern town. Audiences also get better look at Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise, who seems to pop up whenever and wherever with a manic sparkle in its eye and a sly grin. (I blame the It sewer memes for my desensitization towards this sharp-toothed clown in desperate need of a fingernail clipping.) This being a scary movie and all means that, of course, Pennywise is terrifying. Possessed children urging other children to join them in the sewer is terrifying, too. This remake, however, seeks to add some commentary on bullying culture, which means this group of misfit kids have two worries on their youthful minds: surfing school and a red balloon carrying clown. Personally, both sound equally unnerving. Unlike that Modest Mouse song, you won't float on okay after watching this.

It hits theaters September 8.