this l.a. art show makes planning ahead cool.

by liza darwin

Our New Year's Resolutions might change year after year, but there's always one repeat offender on our list: get organized. Although we haven't yet managed to master the art of planning, this new L.A. exhibit might finally kick us into gear. The brainchild of local writer and artist David P. Earl, "The Open Daybook" is both a passive display of work and an inspiring call to action from the artists themselves.

Earl has enlisted 365 different contributors, including photographer Jill Greenberg, paper-cutter Chris Natrop, and sculptor Bari Ziperstein and assigned them each a page in the year-long collective datebook. While the artists provide personal peek into the ups, downs, and in-between times of their daily lives, they also leave room for you to fill in your own thoughts.

Many of the pages are now on display at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and the finished daybook (with all 365 days) is available for purchase at the store. So head over to the museum, get inspired, and start making your mark on the year ahead.

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