Photo courtesy of J. Crew


J.Crew’s Relaunch Is Focused On Inclusivity

Because it’s 2018

J.Crew has undergone quite the evolution in the past year. The brand’s former creative director Jenna Lyons stepped down in August of last year, leading many to wonder what would become of the brand. But since her exit, J.Crew has launched extended sizing and released a just-for-Amazon line called J. Crew Mercantile, which show that it is starting to listen to what customers want from a fashion brand—inclusive sizes and accessibility. Now, it has relaunched with a new focus on affordability and social justice.

Today, J.Crew’s new campaign, called The New Crew, was released, which features “crews” from charitable organizations like Girls Inc., Brooklyn United, Creative Mornings, and Save the Waves. According to the press release, the campaign aims to celebrate “the power of unity in diversity.” The brand’s new look is ditching the preppy branding it’s known for, opting for marketing that is inclusive and aware.

J.Crew furthered that mission with their extended sizing—for the brand’s newest collection, each piece will be available from size 00 to 24. This initiative, according to J.Crew, is to “reflect the America of today,” since most American women are a size 16 or above.

Not catering to all is just not an option anymore.