Jack And Eliza White Satin Music Video - New Song 2015

for the song “white satin”

There’s something endearing about Jack + Eliza. Their voices genuinely fit well together to create a sound that is, for lack of a better word, timeless. It’s what college radio is made for. “White Satin”—a new song off Jack + Eliza’s forthcoming debut album Gentle Warnings (out August 7)—is no different. The video follows the pair around New York City as they venture into bodegas, hang out in sparsely decorated dorm rooms, and record music in intimate spaces. Unlike most young artists experimenting with the lo-fi singer/songwriter sound, Jack + Eliza come across as veterans. They know the ins and outs of it. Though artists like them have come before, there’s an authenticity to their sound that could convince anyone that they are pioneers. 

Check Jack + Eliza out on tour this summer:

  • 6/11 at Bahia Livem Los Angeles, CA 
  • 6/13 at Casbah, San Diego, CA
  • 6/15 at The Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ
  • 6/17 at Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO