JackThreads Launches Namesake Collection

all your staples in one place

JackThreads is about to make your lives a lot easier, and a lot more put together. Known for their retail site, JackThreads has launched their own namesake collection filled with all the basics and classics every guy needs. Making sure the fit and quality is there, they are revamping classic styles at great prices that everyone can afford. The collection features knits, outerwear, denim, cashmere, shirts and even suits—so literally, one-stop shopping (you can't get much easier than this guys).

To go with the line, JackThreads has basically revamped everything. They have a new logo, new website design, new brand color, and new ways to make the user experience stand out from their competitors., their new brand color, is represented throughout the collection on buttons, zippers, tags, and threads—something that unifys the collection together so you know when you're looking at a piece of clothing that it's JackThreads. We are stoked to see all the items they bring to the brand, and to get all of it. Look through the gallery to pick your favorites.