Jacob Tremblay Is Totally Adorable And Foul-Mouthed In ‘The Last Man On Earth’

“you friggin turd”

Kids can be so adorable when they're angry. You know you've been around a tyke when something they shouldn't say slips out and you laugh (even though you know you shouldn't egg them on). This is exactly what it's like watching tiny Jacob Tremblay run through the gamut of insults in this new preview for Fox's The Last Man on Earth.

We're used to seeing Tremblay a tad more buttoned up (though always ever adorable). Anyone remember when the 9-year-old star of Room won our hearts as he strutted down the Oscars' red carpet, literally kicking his feet in the air? After watching the above clip, we still want to pinch his cheeks, but now we're seeing a whole different side of the pint-size actor with this cameo. Throwing heaps of insults at Jason Sudeikis' Mike, Tremblay plays a hallucination of a tiny-sized Phil (Will Forte), as the two are floating solo in the ocean. Mike has just returned to Earth from space, and in true brotherly style, Phil encourages his brother to find land, as only a brother can. "You just came from space you freakin' fart face!" he yells. While we encourage siblings to be kind to each other, we also can't help but love phrases like "you friggin' turd" coming out of Tremblay's mouth. Watch the preview, above. 

The Last Man on Earth returns Sunday at 9:30pm ET on Fox.