Image via W Magazine.

Jake Gyllenhaal Auditions For Cher’s Part In “Clueless”

as if!

Yes, Alicia Silverstone was pitch perfect as the blonde, bubbly, and secretly super-smart Cher in Clueless. No one—and we mean no one—could have done a better job. Well, except maybe Jake Gyllenhaal…or maybe Bradley Cooper. Actually, come to think of it, Paul Dano and Seth Rogan might have been able to pull it off as well. We mean, did you see There Will Be Blood? Dano’s got range.

Unfortunately, none of those guys were veteran actors in 1995 (well, except Gyllenhaal), so the closest you’ll ever see any of them coming to playing Cher Horowitz is this short, charming video from where all them boys take turns reading Clueless’ unforgettable (and now socially relevant) Haiti monologue. Truly, it’s one of the more stirring collections of actors performing at the top of their game we’ve seen since this.