Jake troth & alex goose “material things”

Weezy, Jeezy, Yeezy, and B-I-G…that’s who I’m listening to…

by Josh Madden

From the very opening of this "Material Things" video, there is a familiar feeling--two dudes in a small apartment with simple setup, it feels pretty natural. Then Jake Troth starts to list off what he's listening to, and by the time he shouts out Pretty Much Amazing, we're convinced that he's been on our laptop looking through our iTunes and browser history.

If we're doling out sonic comparisons, we'd say Troth just might be Vampire Weekend's younger cousin with a little Devo obsession. In other words we're definitely looking forward to hearing this track on bunch of commercials, because that's where it's headed. We predict by the time his record Double Black Diamond hits (due out early 2014), this track will be everywhere.

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