Listen To Your New Summer Night Anthem Here

Jakil’s “Fool Without U” is just what we needed

For a song to be a summer anthem, there has to be a certain sense of lightness to it. There has to be a certain element of youthful spontaneity, one that charges the air with possibility. Jakil's latest, "Fool Without U," does just that and then some.

"It's easy to feel lost in a big city like London," the band says, "but 'Fool Without U' is about finding that one person that has your back amongst all the madness."

The song itself is bright and free-flowing. It captures the infinite feeling a new romance brings on, the joyful madness that those connections stir. It's a song you want to ride into the hazy night with where anything can happen. You'd be a fool not to. Summer is coming. 

Listen below.