A Very Pregnant Natalie Portman Stars In James Blake’s New Music Video

Holy baby bump, Batman!

Natalie Portman—snubbed Oscar nominee nobody talked about—has shed her Jackie O Chanel ensembles for a different role: the star of James Blake’s “My Willing Heart” music video.

The actress and her very large baby bump are shown intimately in black-and-white, swimming and floating in water and lying down on the bed. Portman’s son, Aleph, also makes a brief appearance. As does new-to-the-world baby girl Amalia—who is now outside of her mother’s stomach. Well, sort of. At one point, we see Portman’s stomach move Alien-style as she’s being filmed. Blake, meanwhile, croons over the shots: “The first time your name was used/ It was beauty and I knew.”

The video is a love letter to the young girl and was shot “just days” before Portman gave birth, according to a statement. How the two-times-over mother managed to look as beautiful and prim as she did while on the verge of giving birth is beyond us. Someone get the girl (another) Oscar!

Watch the full video above.