Not Sure How To Feel About James Corden’s Spoof Of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’?

Same here

Comedians are supposed to make you laugh because their jokes are funny, but sometimes they can make you laugh out of discomfort too. Such is the case with James Corden's latest stint with a spoof of Beyoncé's visual album titled "Lemonjames: A Visual Monologue." Lemonade's whole production pays tribute to generations of black women of the past, present, and future, so when a white man mimics it for the sake of a few chuckles, it's easy to be rubbed the wrong way.

That said, Corden's monologue focuses on his own personal turmoils like the pressure to come up with a "bomb-ass" monologue for the Late Late Show. This time, the man in question is Donald Trump and it makes Corden "feel dirty" while he takes his bath. As you would expect, the whole thing is overly dramatic, but you can't say it's not entertaining. (Shout-outs to Jimmy with the good hair.)

Seeing as to how Corden was able to get the rights to the music means that he probably had to get approval from Beyoncé and her team, though, so if they're cool with it, then the Beyhive has permission to be too. (As Rachel Roy, Rachel Ray, and Rita Ora now know, you don't mess with them... ever.)

Watch the entire spectacle in the video, above.