Listen to Janet Jackson’s New Single ‘Unbreakable’

it’s called ‘unbreakable’

There were dark days when we didn't think we'd hear new music from Janet Jackson ever again. Her last album, Discipline, came in 2008, and there were no indications the pop icon was planning to make a record ever again. Thankfully, that was just a bad dream and in June, Jackson returned with her first single in seven years titled "No Sleeep." The song was a breathless callback to Jackson's '90s-era R&B, but it was kind of too downtempo for a comeback single. If Jackson was going to really leave an impression, she needed to keep it up a notch. 

That's exactly what Jackson's latest single, "Unbreakable," does. Instead of trying to keep up with the kids and their crazy EDM, the title track to her new album and upcoming world tour is a funky, confident, and ultimately triumphant return to the kind of danceable pop music that made Jackson a global superstar. Jackson also revealed that Unbreakable will drop in less than a month on October 2nd, but fans will get a taste of what the record has to offer when she heads out on a world tour this Monday. Check it out below.