Jasmine Thompson Great Escape Music Video Adore EP

very dreamy.

London-based singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson has seen much success in a short span of time. She became a YouTube sensation seemingly overnight, and now she's being asked to collaborate with EDM heavyweights like Avicii. Talk about living your dream.

That dream comes with sacrifice, though, and Thompson's latest single off her newly released Adore EP, "Great Escape," is an exploration of that. "Great Escape' is a song about having to leave someone behind when you're going on an amazing adventure," Thompson tells us over e-mail. "You want them to join, but because they are destructive, they can't come along. This is very much inspired by my journey as an artist and having to leave friends and family members at home while I travel pursuing my career."

The video picks up where her previous video for "Do It Now" left off. It's a dreamy road trip to the U.K. coast. One of her girlfriends is going through some boy troubles, so they pack themselves into a pretty idyllic van and hit the pavement. Thompson explains, "We have a great trip, but getting away makes [the girl] realize how special her life is at home. The [video] series is inspired by the ups and downs of life." Indeed, the ending of the video mimics a lesson she's leaned: that friendship is the most important thing, no matter where life takes you.