editor’s pick: scaredy cat

sharks ain’t got nothin’ on kitties with fins.

If you thought the cat riding a robo-vacuum in a shark costume was good, then you're going to love my latest find.

First, let's talk about Shark Week. I know you love it as as much as I do, and that means you're already on the edge of your seat to see what 2014's Megalodon will be, and that you probably also started shopping around for the best shark stuff to wear around during the Discovery Channel special (from Free People-style shark tooth necklaces to shark-inspired HUF socks), and I'm here to tell you that I've uncovered the perfect tee to wear, not only during Shark Week, but throughout Catober--I mean, October. (Yes, Catober is a thing--search #catober on Twitter if you don't believe me.)

To say that this Alex and Chloe Paws tee is outrageously amazing would be an understatement. I mean, look what we have here: two kinds of a puns on the famous 1975 Jaws poster and a cat wearing fins who thinks he's a shark--yeah, I can't really think of anything more purrfect. And if you're planning on snatching up five million of these like I am--which you can do here--I only have one small piece of advice: You're gonna need a bigger boat.