Our general rule when it comes to clear items is that the more unexpected they are the better. From perspex heels, to clear headbands (or cowboy hats a la Iggy Azalea), to plastic box clutches, see-through accessories are the coolest of cool in our minds. 

But when we saw these clear vinyl lace-up boots from Jeffrey Campbell, well, we were a bit torn. On one hand, they are perfect for carrying one's Jellies obsession into winter while simultaneously showing off a new pedicure or a new pair of rainbow toe-socks, but on the other, wearing them without a a thick sock is likely to create some discomfort and a greenhouse effect inside your shoe.

Tweet us your take on the see-through shoe, and if you're really pro-perspex you can get your own pair here, although be warned, there are only three pairs left!



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