photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images


Jemima Kirke Gave Herself A Mom Haircut While Topless

because why not?

Jemima Kirke is not, and has never been, a person who cares about others' opinions. As an artist, mother, and woman, she has been as transparent as possible in an effort to teach people to be comfortable with themselves and their choices. She's spoken about her experience getting an abortion to reduce the shame that surrounds women who terminate pregnancies. She's also flaunted her armpit hair to challenge the stigma about female body hair and has spoken about loving and challenging yourself. And in true Girls fashion, her effort to foster a strong sense of womanhood sometimes involves nudity. So while some are confused about Kirke's decision to tweet a video of herself cutting her hair while topless, we should probably all remember that there's not too much to it. Kirke is just doing her thing, inciting discussion about the female body, and also, in this instance, distressed mom haircuts.