Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Dance on Billy Joel’s Piano


Last night, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were caught BFFing in public in front of thousands of people. The whirlwind celebrity romance of the summer came to a musical crescendo as the two climbed atop Billy Joel’s piano during his Chicago concert, and made like Baby during the “Lover Boy” scene in Dirty Dancing to the Piano Man's "Uptown Girl" (which you'll recall Schumer danced to in Trainwreck's climactic scene).

EW not only provided us with the in-concert action, but their practice set, and the moment they dragged their friends into the action, as well. Behold.

Again, Schumer and Lawrence (Schlawrence? Lumer? Amyfer?) have been making like tweens at summer camp all season, hanging on jet skis, chilling on party boats, and working on a movie in which they will star as sisters. In a summer when we lost so many celeb couples, it’s good to see some hot, new love burning up the internet. 

(Via Entertainment Weekly)