Jennifer Lopez Texts Leonardo DiCaprio While Doing “Carpool Karaoke”


"Carpool Karaoke" is one of our favorite regular gems, and it's no wonder considering it features guests like Sia, Adele, and Elton John all cutting loose in the most adorable of ways with the most adorable of hosts, James Corden. Now, we're not trying to play favorites, but it looks like Jennifer Lopez and James Corden, er, we mean JLo and JCo, could be our new favorite duo to watch.

Not only do the two breeze through JLo's best-of collection, including "Jenny From The Block" and "Booty," they also dip into one of her Spanish songs, where Corden nervously lets her take the lead as she delicately sings the opening, then literally punches him in the arm as the song kicks into full gear.

They also talk about if she insured her booty (no), who's the youngest person she's ever dated (under 21, we think), and who's the most famous person on her phone. This last part has Corden, and us, especially tickled as JLo rattles off NBD names like Fergie, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Iggy Azalea (just casually listed in her address book as Iggy, FYI). Corden can't help himself and steals her phone to send a random text to a famous person... and does us all right by picking Leonardo DiCaprio. We don't want to spoil the fun, but let's just say that not only does he actually send a hilarious text to Leo as JLo, Leo responds in the most sidesplitting way ever. Seriously, tears of laughter over here are mixed with FOMO tears of "Why don't we get to live in a world where we can randomly text Leo?"