Photographed by Santiago Felipe


song premiere: jessica 6’s “down low”

red light district sounds

There’s a sinister air to Jessica 6’s new track “Down Low.” Its deep house roots thump at a hypnotic rate, due in part to Thodoris Triantafillou and CJ Jeff’s production, but also to Nomi Ruiz’s femme fatale delivery.

“Down Low” is downright sultry. (It’s a track about oral sex, in case you didn’t pick that up.) It builds and builds, but never climaxes in the way you’d expect most dance tracks would. Rather, the beat subtly shifts direction, a new layer is added, and the sound swells. It’s a promising sign for what’s to come on Jessica 6’s new project The Capricorn EP (out July 28). Consider this your new late-night, bedroom banger.