Krysten Ritter Confronts Her Past In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer

“How many others are there like me?”

Despite the somewhat happy ending Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones received during Season 1, something’s still up. In the trailer for the second season of the eponymous show, she’s drinking alone at a bar and racking up broken glasses. “You drinking to remember or forget?” the bartender asks. “Giving a shit won’t get you a better tip,” Jones snaps back.

From what we can glean, it might be a little bit of both. The anti-heroine is on a mission to fill in blanks from her memory and figure out how she got her powers. “I have 17 years of questions, and they are deep,” she says. But, with her existential crisis on the horizon and, on top of that, being recruited for The Defenders and having a killer on the loose, Jones is spiraling. Will she take on a sidekick to help out? Will she be able to face her past? Are we getting an unwanted guest who goes by the name of Kilgrave? Find out March 8 when Jessica Jones returns.