Photo courtesy of Casablanca Records


Jetta And Matstubs’ New Video Will Leave You Breathless

“Take It Easy”

Every now and then a song comes around that completely transforms the way you go about your day. It gets under your skin, pulses through your veins, and heightens your sense of reality. And, in Matstubs and Jetta’s case, calms you down. 

Jetta’s 2014 track “Take It Easy” got the Matstubs treatment late last year. Today, we’re premiering the video for it. With Brendan Vaughan in the director’s seat, Jetta and Matstubs’ song gets an elegant, haunting, and compelling visual. It was shot in an Olympic gym and, as such, Jetta weaves through and dances alongside gymnasts. The slow motion adds a strength to the video and elevates it to a richly sublime level of cool. It’s dreamy and it’s hypnotic—a truly moving piece of work that will stay with you all day. Watch for yourself, below.