JiHAE It Just Feels Music Video Feat Norman Reedus

oh yes

Norman Reedus stars in a new music video that’s basically an ode to the orgasm. NYC-based artist JiHAE used an old Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics collaboration for a new song off her album Illusion of You. It’s called “It Just Feels” and the video will, uh, give you the feels.

Norman Reeds plays JiHAE’s lover. Whether they’re regular bedfellows or one night standers is unknown. This is about the here and now, after all. There really isn't any need for a backstory. Instead, the video explores the moment of pleasure, building with passion until it’s fiery climax. Reedus looks great, and JiHAE’s vocals are deeply sexy. Foreplay has found a new soundtrack.