Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama Show Us How To Dance Like Moms

flotus gets down

by jenny lee

When Jimmy Fallon first recruited the First Lady Michelle Obama for a segment called "Evolution of Mom Dancing," we figured it can't possibly get any better. Until they made a Part 2.

The segment, which aired on Thursday's Tonight Show episode, was a nod to the First Lady's Let's Move kids fitness initiative's "Gimme Five" challenge. Dressed in the unofficial suburban mom uniform of cardigan and slacks, Jimmy Fallon accompanied the First Lady in a hilarious routine of awkward mom dances, ranging from "The Shimmy Twist" to the "Trying to Start a Conga Line"—guaranteed to elicit a collective, embarrassed "Moooom!" from us all.

Of course, it wouldn't be Jimmy Fallon without a teasing jab at President Obama's dancing ability. The First Lady responded with her own humorous interpretation of Fallon's dances, reminding us that we love the FLOTUS not only for her dance moves, but also for her sass.