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j.k. rowling tweets about lgbtq students at hogwarts

and it’s brilliant, duh

Are there queer students at Hogwarts? And if so, is it a safe space for them?

This was a question posed to J.K. Rowling by a fan on Twitter, and it's one that many of us have wondered. After all, there are obviously LGBTQ students at all schools—so it stands to reason that an imaginary boarding school home to kids and teens with magical powers and delightfully different personalities would likewise have more than a few who identify within the LGBTQ spectrum. Right? 

Rowling's answer to the question was so poignant and sweet, it brought a tear to our eyes:

Way to brilliantly point out a metaphor that was there all along, J.K. Now, can we please have a short story in which Hermione develops feelings for a girl? Thanks!