Photo courtesy fo JMSN


JMSN Wants You To Do ‘Whatever Makes U Happy’


We're in the thick of Taurus season, and Christian Berishaj has concocted the perfect soundtrack for it. Better known as JMSN, the alt-R&B artist has whisked us away with his fifth full-length record titled Whatever Makes U Happy. The album raises a glass to being unapologetic in every sense of the word whether that be embracing character flaws, indulging in activities guilt-free, or being open to your truth. With the weekend on the horizon, it's a message that deeply resonates.

As per usual, there's a lot of '90s R&B qualities embedded in the fibers that thread the album together. There's always a hint of darkness hanging in the air as JMSN weaves in elements from the blues and soul, but it never gets too heavy that you feel overly consumed by your self-awareness. After you're through listening to the LP, give yourself a few minutes to digest it all.

Whatever Makes U Happy is available now via White Room Records. Learn more about the album in JMSN's track by track breakdown, below.


This song is about doing whatever makes you happy without feeling guilty about what anyone else thinks of what you're doing. It's bigger than just drinking. It's about freedom to be you and do what do. No matter what any ones perception of that is. Unless what you like to do is physically, emotionally, or sexually harm someone else, then keep that to yourself. We're about love over here.


This is about just that. It's always something. Whenever you're trying to do anything for proactive it's always a battle. Nothing is ever easy. I just felt I needed to have this song in my life. I find myself singing it whenever any of these things happen.


Just loving someone isn't enough. There's a lot more to that. They're perception of how things happen is a big part in that. You can't make somebody feel how you feel. You just have to have hope that your energy towards it will be reciprocated.


This is a song about always chasing something. You're not even sure what you're chasing but it's something bigger than you and a lot of the times people around you don't understand it. I believe everyone has something inside of them, a passion. This is about pursuing that which makes u happy even if it doesn't all the time. Chasing that "thing."


This is about the insecurities that drive us to be paranoid and jealous. The scenarios our minds make up to trip us out. Most the time I believe we are our own worst enemies when it comes to relationships.


This is about the happening of love and the miscommunication that can happen between two people in the midst of it. You could be completely devoted physically but not supportive emotionally or vice versa. In this area I'm sometimes closed off and have my guard up but I'm loyal. It's about trying to find a happy medium and if that's possible.


This is about the stresses of life that I always let get to me and having a form of salvation that saves u from it all. Refuge. Your angel.


This is about waiting for the things you want that take time. Which is pretty much everything. In this case it was love. I knew what I wanted but the other person didn't know or wouldn't admit they did. Patience is a virtue.