Watch John Legend’s Gorgeous New Video And Prepare To Cry

“Love is universal.”

These past few days have been hard, confusing, depressing, and every other synonym that falls into the frustrated category. It’s been a dark time for many, but John Legend’s new “Love Me Now” music video serves as a much-needed glimmer of light.

It features a diverse set of people from Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota; a refugee camp in Northern Iraq; Orlando, Florida; and Puerto Plato, Dominican Republic. Scenes of a man and woman walking through their reservation and a couple overlooking a vigil for those who lost their lives during the Pulse shooting will throw you full throttle into your emotions. And if that doesn’t, John Legend’s timely words definitely will. “When we’ve done all that we could to turn darkness into light, turn evil into good,” he sings. “Even when we try so hard for that perfect kind of love, it could all fall apart.”

The singer first teased the video last week, while also teasing us with squal-inducing photos of his and Chrissy Teigen’s adorable baby girl. Now, we get even more opportunities to coo over Luna’s cuteness, along with a message and feeling we can all use now more than ever: love, and lots of it. Legend spoke about the unplanned but appropriate timing of the video’s drop yesterday on Instagram. He poignantly writes:

We didn't think about the election when we planned the release date for this song and video. But in this time of conflict and uncertainty, it's clear that we all need more love. I find it in my family and in my music. Embracing my family has made today full of love and light despite the bad news. But it's also important that we show love and empathy to people who may not look like us or live like us. Those who are marginalized and rejected, feared and left behind... Love is universal. We all need it. We all can give it. And it will ultimately win over hate. I have to believe that. 

Watch the video above.