John Mayer John Mayer’d Drake’s “Passionfruit”

Okay, John!

John Mayer is very good live. There's a reason he landed the cover of Rolling Stone's 2007 New Guitar Gods issue at age 29. He's a damn talent, and his Continuum tour is still one of the best things this author has seen. (And he's seen many shows!)

Anyway, Mayer has a thing for throwing in surprise covers of songs in his live sets. Sometimes they go on to become insanely popular, like "Free Fallin," and sometimes they exist for a brief, serendipitous moment in time. With Mayer's cover of Drake's "passionfruit," it's still too early to tell, but it's pretty freakin' good. He debuted it at the Amerserdam stop of his Search for Everything World Tour to much praise. You can hear audience members exclaiming "It's Drake! Drake!" as the crowd realizes what's unfolding on stage before them. One human on Twitter hypothetically asked what more we could want, which, in this moment, is nothing but these sweet, sweet vibes.

John Mayer's Search for Everything World Tour returns to the States later this month. In the meantime, watch this video.