Watch John Oliver Lay A World of Hurt on Confederate Flag Supporters

yep, yep, and yep

Y’know, when we said we didn’t know what we were going to do without Jon Stewart the other day, we forgot to mention John Oliver. Sure, Last Week Tonight is only on Sundays, but his take on news is getting as essential as his ex-Daily Show boss.

Big old case in point: Last night, in the wake of the shootings in South Carolina, he whipped out a giant wooden spoon and laid necessary, focused hurt on anyone still shopping around the notion that the Confederate battle flag flying outside the S.C. capitol building is something other than a symbol of white supremacy. Showing a clip of South Carolina Senator (and presidential longshot) Lindsey Graham admitting that “some” people use the Stars and Bars in a “racist way.” Oliver slapped back, “yes, I believe the first time the Confederate flag was used in a ‘racist way’ was the exact second they finished sewing the very first one.” Yep.

Click on for more bone breakers and a decent suggestion of what to do with “The Southern Cross”