Johnossi “Into the Wild”

This is our jammmm…all weekend

by Josh Madden

Johnossi "Into the Wild"

I am a fan of reverb, but even more than reverb I am a HUGE fan of Peter Gabriel. I tell you this because the first time I heard Johnossis' "Into the Wild" right around the :18 second mark of the track when vocalist John Engelbert's vocals come in I checked to make sure it wasn't Gabriel. Trust me when I say this dude's voice is the real deal.

Johnossi, a duo comprised of Oskar "Ossi" Bonde (on drums) and Engelbert (vocals & guitar), recorded their fourth studio album 


in Rixmixningsverket in Stockholm with some help from Martin Hederos of The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The fellas enlisted Bjorn Yttling, of Peter Bjorn & John, and Mike Snow's Pontus Winnberg to product the record and at the end of the day...what do all of these awesome names amount to? An incredible record that's what!!

Check out "Into The Wild" on Soundcloud above, and if the track sounds to good to believe just watch the Youtube clip of the guys playing it live below. Follow Johnossi on Twitter 


and peep their Facebook 


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