everyone’s an artist in this cross-country photo show.

by liza darwin

Hey, hot shot. Prepare to get camera ready...and we're not talking about in front of the camera.

The brains behind The Sketchbook Project have just announced their latest exhibit, and it involves a little point and click. A Million Little Pictures is based around the same interactive concept as its previous incarnation- but this time around, they're swapping out Moleskines for disposable cameras.

After you sign up you'll receive a camera in the mail, and then it's up to you to decide how to capture on film the people and things that inspire you most. Then just mail back your photos to join the millions of others from around the world.

And the most awesome part? One photo from each participant will be displayed in the Photomobile airstream trailer, which drives from coast to coast and makes stops at galleries along the way.

So whether you're a pro shutterbug or just in it for fun, this photo show makes being a traveling artist a total snap.

The participation deadline is March 31. Find out more here!