JoJo Shows Us The Way Of The Outdoors In “Say Love”

long car drives, walks in the woods, and man buns.

JoJo is not the same girl we used to know when she first came on to the scene back in 2004. Today, she stands before us as a 24-year-old, fully grown woman—a woman that likes guys in leather jackets with man buns and motorcycles, long car drives on back roads, and singing in glass houses in the middle of the woods. At least that's what we can assume, based on the music video for "Say Love." (She still likes to have her guys wait outside for her in the pouring rain, though. That hasn't changed.) The song was featured in JoJo's surprise "tringle" release from this summer. Without further ado, let JoJo show you her outdoorsy side in the video above.