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Jonah Hill Reveals The Lesson He Learned From Attending Jonah Hill Day

The actor shared his experience from his appreciation day

Jonah Hill discussed what it was like to attend his own appreciation day while on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

For background, a year ago, someone sent the actor a flyer announcing that people in Brooklyn were throwing a party for the first Annual Jonah Hill Day, founded by James Harris, Lawrence Schlossman, and Jeremy Robinson-Leon. “I didn’t go… because I was too shy, I didn’t really get it,” the actor told Kimmel. “Are they making fun of me? I didn’t really understand it.” After experiencing FOMO following the event, he decided to stop by this year. “I was like, you know what, these guys are showing me love,” he says. “I was like, I need to get over my social anxiety, and I went in there and I freaked it,” adding that he thinks the event started because of the way he dresses. 

Hill has become somewhat of an unexpected style icon, with brands like GQ and Four Pins praising his ‘fits. “People like how I dress, which I think is very flattering,” Hill told Kimmel. Schlossman told The Cut that the event isn’t just about Hill’s style, though, “it’s his fashion sense, it’s his body of work, and he’s a good guy,” he explains. “He’s the ideal we all aspire to be,” Harris added. 

It’s still up in the air whether or not Hill will pop by next year (or if the event will still be happening), but if he does, one lesson he’s learned is to never show up on time (or early) to your own day. Watch him discuss Jonah Hill Day in full below.