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    by · June 17, 2016

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels

    By now, you should be well-acquainted with JONES. We’ve covered the London-based singer-songwriter on so many occassions that we often forget that it’s been a while since she actually released new material. It’s almost hard to believe that her debut single “Hoops” only came out last year because we feel like it’s been around for ages.

    This week, we were delighted when we heard JONES’ new single “Melt”—it’s the feel-good song of summer that we didn’t know we needed. Not too long ago, we were able to sit down with JONES and have a chat about everything that has transpired since her rise to fame. During our time with her, we learned more about what to expect on JONES’s forthcoming record, and more about her other passion in life. (Hint: It has something to do with taste...)

    Catch up with JONES in our interview and stream her new tune, below.

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels

    At this point, do people basically know all the words to your songs that have been out?
    There was a show where people did know the words, which I was surprised about. But mostly I think I’m still very new and people are excited to know more.
    I know you previously released an EP and you have an album on the way. Is it coming out in the spring? Are there any details you can share yet?
    Yeah, it’s gonna be called New Skin. It’s a sort of coming-of-age album. The EP was a small section of what I do, but the album is definitely going to have the fuller sound and ballads, uptempo... Just kind of me saying hello to this world.

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels

    In your last interview with NYLON, you said you’re a bit of an observer and you like to take your time to look at situations and sort of reflect through your music. For you, writing about such personal things, is that weird to have it out there in a song that other people are listening to and that goes across the Internet?
    I mean, it’s weird because I wouldn’t go up to a stranger and say, “Here’s my story, here are my innermost feelings.” But it just feels so natural to put it into music, and when I’m performing, I really feel like I’m just sharing my story and connecting. I love to people watch, I love to observe, and I love to talk about love and things I see my friends going through, as well.
    Who have been some of your musical inspirations growing up and right now?
    I love Stevie Wonder. My mom played him all the time, so as a sort of music chameleon and amazing songwriter I was definitely inspired by him. I love Bob Marley as well, I love his message, that he’s trying to do something positive in the world. Now, musically, I listen to quite different stuff, like Lykke Li, Little Dragon, and Tame Impala. I like listening to different stuff... I don’t know. I think everything that you listen to inspires you, so I just try to listen to talented people.

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels

    What do you typically do when you’re not in the studio, not writing songs, just with your friends hanging out?
    I love food. I love to eat. I love to try new restaurants. I like burgers. Just to have some wine and catch up, have fun.
    When you were at SXSW, did you eat anything that blew your tastebuds off?
    I tried really good Texan barbecue. It had loads of chicken and meat, it was amazing. They don’t have anything like that in London. And then lots of tacos... It really brings me joy to eat good food.
    Do you think you’ll have made it when your favorite restaurant is playing your songs?
    Yeah! Well actually, funnily enough, when I arrived yesterday, I was just doing some shopping in H&M and they were playing “Hoops.” That was the first time I’d been out and heard one of my songs. I was kind of smiling and looking around. That was cool.
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