Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plays Drums On The Subway To The Delight Of No One


by daniel barna

New Yorkers have a reputation for being respectful of celebrities in the wild. It's as though asking Sarah Jessica Parker for a selfie while she's walking her dog in the West Village would be betraying some unwritten rule, one that allows stars and civilians to coexist in perfect harmony. 

Well, as it turns out, the people of Los Angeles might be even more immune to the power of celebrity. Take, for instance, this video posted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in which he bangs a set of drums on an L.A. subway platform, looking like his usual dapper self. There’s no novelty nose, no wig, and no effort to disguise his identity whatsoever. Other than the fact that JGL is an incredible drummer, what really stuns here is how aloof the passersby are, despite being in the presence of one of the world’s biggest stars.

The stunt was to promote Gordon-Levitt's passion project, HitRecord, where he encourages collaborative art projects between artists, thinkers, and dreamers from around the world. But based on the blasé reaction of the people on that subway platform—except for the man who tells JGL: “You look like Pee-wee Herman in that suit!”—he might want to be promoting his new movie, Snowden, instead.

Watch Gordon-Levitt kill it on the drums, above.