Joseph Just Dropped Their Very First Self-Directed Music Video

Get lifted

A carnival in Sweden, a stage in Glastonbury, and a TV in New York City all come to life in Joseph's new music video for "Lifted Away," off of their new EP, Stay Awake. Band member Natalie Schepman directed the video herself and told us it’s a “journal entry documenting the whirlwind two days” when they were burning the Stay Awake oil. The EP is all about “dealing with heaviness,” and the song itself is a reminder to live in the moment.

“You are here,” Schepman says. Sometimes we need to just take a “chance to actually feel what’s going on around us and see the people we’re with." The world can seem like it's falling out from under you, you know?

This video is a personal look into the making of Stay Awake, and it shows the three sisters rehearsing in the studio, goofing around with each other, and simply having a good time. Although we’re viewing the memories as outsiders, the video still manages to transport us back to a different place in time with an intimacy that's as if we were there, too. With its chill and movie-like nostalgic vibe, it's a charming mini-documentary of the fun times Joseph has had this past year. It definitely succeeds in reminding us all that sometimes we need to just kick back and take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out, and watch, below.

Stay Awake EP is out now.