Jukebox the Ghost Sound of a Broken Heart

the boys are baaack!

by liza darwin

Breakups suck, but you know what doesn't? "Sound of a Broken Heart," the newest single from Jukebox the Ghost. It might be inspired by heartbreak, but thanks to a surprisingly happy-go-lucky melody and a sing-along chorus, the song is a post-split silver lining that pretty much anyone can use...regardless of whether you're single or taken.

It's the latest track off their forthcoming album (!!), and if this exuberant jam is any indication, the guys' new LP is going to be all over the place in the coolest way possible. Just take the story behind "Sound of a Broken Heart" as proof.

According to drummer Jesse Kristin, "[Vocalist] Ben [Thornewill] came in with a demo that sounded like Stevie Wonder, jazzy and upbeat, and from there we got weird. Unhinged. Our producer played the baking sheet. There was chanting. No animals were harmed though, that's just how we sing." And that's exactly why we're so freaking obsessed.

So join the club and get an exclusive first listen of "Sound of a Broken Heart" below. Then, check out a sneak peek of what to expect from the new album here!