Watch Cute Couples Make Out In Julia Nunes’ New Music Video

happy new year indeed

by Dannielle Owens-Reid

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Julia Nunes' latest album Some Feelings was released in September 2015, and quickly became one of our favorites. Above, check out the exclusive premiere of the video for her latest single, “Make Out.” We've had this song stuck in our heads since we first heard it, and the video is just as compelling. Some of these shots will make you want give up the life you have right now, move to Los Angeles, find your soulmate, and kiss them very hard on the mouth. Watch with us and feel warm for the first time since the heat of last summer. We caught up with Julia to get the details about the making of her first big video—read what she told us, below.

As your first big budget video, were your expectations met? Any challenges? Weird stuff? Ridiculous stories? 

I did not account for bystanders watching. We filmed at a hotel with an open walkway and people were snapping pics all day. They started coming out of their rooms around the fifth play through "Make Out." They probably heard it another 70 times. I was also not expecting my DP to be wearing mechanical arms. I walked on set at like 7am and saw a robot human and thought maybe I was still dreaming. 

Aside from the obvious flirty vibes, is there anything you’re hoping people will get from this video and song?

I want people to remember how awesome making out is. I feel like a lot of people forget it after they’ve been together a while. The period of time in a relationship where all you’ve done is make out is insane. It feels like there’s electricity running through your body. I hope the song and the video inspire people to go to a movie and suck face in the back row like it’s the first date or go out and dance like strangers or just Netflix and chill. MAKE OUT GUYS, IT’S DOPE.

The people in this video are your friends. How'd you get them to make out and take their clothes off for your music video?

“I’m filming a music video in one week and I need you guys to make out in it, please.”