The Most Radiant Rubies For July Birthdays

The perfect present for your favorite Cancers and Leos

July is here, which means it’s time for June’s pearls, moonstones, and alexandrite to take a step back and let a more regal gemstone begin its reign: the ruby. Known to be the “king of gems,” it’s been said that the ruby can protect its wearer from evil, aid in decision-making, and promote love and intense passion. You know, all the good stuff.

Overall, it’s believed that the stone brings its owner good fortune, making a piece of ruby jewelry the perfect gift for the most important July-born Cancer and Leo ladies in your life (or, yourself). It is one of the four precious stones, after all. And let’s not forget its major cameo (in the form of slippers) in The Wizard of Oz.

We rounded up 16 of the prettiest and most unique ruby baubles of the season. From necklaces comprised of golden moons and ruby stars to the daintiest of ruby-bearing rings, there’s a little something for everybody.

Click through the gallery below to check out our favorite finds.

Photo courtesy of Wwake

WWAKE, Arc Lineage Ring, $232, available at WWAKE.

Photo courtesy of Jules Smith

Jules Smith, Teardrop Stone Threaders, $48, available at Jules Smith.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Evan

Sydney Evan, Mini Yellow-Gold & Diamond Hamsa Bracelet, $530, available at Sydney Evan.

Photo courtesy of Stone and Strand

Kelly Bello, Pearl And Ruby Stone Studs, $240, available at Stone & Strand.

Photo courtesy of Sals Fifth Avenue

Elizabeth And James, Lunette Luna Ruby & White Topaz Pendant Necklace, $150, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani, Birthstone Ring, $28, available at Alex and Ani.

Photo courtesy of Barneys

Bianca Pratt, Oval-Link Hand Bracelet, $525, available at Barneys.

Photo courtesy of Catbird NYC

Satomi Kawakita The Tiniest Ring, $210, available at Catbird NYC.

Photo courtesy of Theodora Warre

Theodora Warre, Ruby Ear Cuff, $65, available at Theodora Warre.

Photo courtesy of Tilda Biehn

Tilda Biehn, Comet Hoop (Single), $700, available at Tilda Biehn.

Photo courtesy of Tara4779

Tara4779, Arc Studs, $470, available at Tara4779.

Photo courtesy of Shahla Karimi

Shahla Karimi, Birthstone Ring No. 2, $325, available at Shahla Karimi.

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic

Local Eclectic, Pink Ruby Necklace, $120, available at Local Eclectic.

Photo courtesy of Ylang 23

IAM by Ileana Makri, Diamond And Ruby Evil Eye Bracelet, $170, available at Ylang 23.

Photo courtesy of Allison Lou

Alison Lou, Medium Happy Face Necklace, $590, available at Alison Lou.

Photo courtesy of N+A

N+A, E055 Earrings, $368, available at N+A.