Junior Prom Release New Single “Let’s Make A Lot Of Money”

the brooklyn duo never disappoints

by lindsey lanquist

Ah summer, what a magical time...to be locked in an office, staring out a window, thinking about the beautiful weather that awaits you as soon as 5 pm rolls around. It's times like these that it's hard not to dream of having a sh*tton of money to spend superfluously—on yachts, parties, you name it.

Brooklyn artist Junior Prom perfectly encapsulated this feeling with their new single, "Let's Make A Lot of Money" (or "LMAO$"). 

The indie-pop duo impressed us last November with their tune "Cheap Thrills," a lighthearted song that makes it hard to do anything but dance, and they didn't disappoint with "LMAO$." The track has the same dance-worthy beat and technicolor aesthetic we loved in "Cheap Thrills," but it possesses a newfound antsiness and edginess. Plus, Junior Prom, as always, brought back '80s nostalgia in the best way possible—by modernizing '80s vibes with beats found in contemporary alternative-dance music.

"LMAO$" is the perfect song to blast during the summer, whether you're ready to hit the bar on a Friday night or just looking for a little inspiration to help you get through the work day.