photo by sandra matamoros


song premiere: juniore

everything always sounds better in french, right?

by rebecca willa davis

Our music tastes don't always mirror our movie tastes, but if a band could sound like a Jean-Luc Godard/Quentin Tarantino mash-up, you'd probably love it, right?

That's what we first thought when we heard Juniore. Led by French singer-songwriter Anna Jean, the Parisian-based band plays '60s rock-tinged electro pop. It's peppy without being cloying, filled with tambourine shakes and insistent bass lines.

"We're an offbeat generation, never completely in one place or in one time. Paris is haunted by the ghosts of the Nouvelle Vague and twist parties, while the streets are filled with neon signs and beaten by kids glued to their smart phones. Parisian girls, when they go out dancing with their dark clothes and bright lips, they'll tear away the boys' hearts or make them sing, all with a subtle, desperately optimistic smile," says Jean, adding, "Music might be the place where it can all make sense."

That's certainly the case on "Dans Le Noir," off of Juniore's limited edition 7-inch single (put out this month by Enterprise Records). The track, which translates to "in the dark," is about waiting for night to come around--and yes, you'll definitely want to listen to it as you get ready to go out.

Juniore's debut full-length album won't be out until next year, but we've got the exclusive premiere of the track--and it's available to download, so you can listen to it night and day.