we’ve got our own nike ids, now it’s your turn.

by nylon

We know you've been obsessing over the NIKE DUNK iD X NYLON collabs since they launched on April 26th, and you've already seen the custom NIKE DUNK iD X NYLON designs from nine of our favorite people from around the world, representing LA, Paris, London, Japan and NYC style. But with all the ways you can customize the NIKE DUNK iD X NYLON, we really want to see more combinations and signature designs walking around the city streets. NYLON readers are some of the raddest people on the planet, so it's no surprise that our reader-created NIKE DUNK iD X NYLON creations would be just as cool and covet-worthy as our editors' designs!

Want to show us what you've got? Click here to get started on your personalized NIKE DUNK iD X NYLON. Once you have them just right, show us your creation on Twitter using the custom hashtag #myNYLONNIKEiD. We'll keep checking on your designs, and on next Monday, May 20th NYLON will feature our favorite reader creations right here on

Not sure if you're ready to share your designs? Three words for you: JUST DO IT.