Photo courtesy of NYLON


Sex On Your Period: The Good, The Bad, & The Bloody

obviously NSFW

by nylon

Sit in a room, at a table, with a group of people who menstruate. Now, say, "Sex on your period"...and watch the conversations explode. Every single sexually active menstruating person in America has had to contend with bleeding from between their legs and simultaneously wanting to get it on, with varying degrees of success. Some girls don't like it; don't like the mess, the stains, the fact that certain guys find blood-plus-period to be diconcerting. And that's fine. Other girls love it; the increased moisture, the cramp-releaving nature of orgasms, their hormones in overdrive. And that's fine, too. Either way, all of the women we sat down and talked to about period sex had many, many, many opinions. Even my mom weighed in. (Seriously.)

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