Justice Is Back “Safe And Sound”

Long live disco

After a five-year-long hiatus, Justice is finally back with a brand-new single. Last week, the Parisian producers premiered "Safe and Sound" at Sonár Festival in Iceland. The duo hasn't released any fresh material since 2011's Audio, Video, Disco, so needless to say that this is a very big deal. 

For anyone that accidentally stumbled into the world of electronic music, Justice was definitely a major ear opener. Even if you don't like disco music per se, it's hard not to feel good after listening to the duo's groovy tunes.

The high-pitched vocals that float between the synthesizers and bassline on "Safe and Sound" almost sound angelic, beckoning listeners to join them on this holy journey to euphoria. At last, Justice has returned to save the disco genre from falling further into obscurity.

Grab your finest dancing shoes and lose yourself to the beat, above. You can also download the track for free here.