Screenshot via @ryanbassil on Twitter


Canadian Confirms: Justin Bieber Just Eats Burritos Wrong

This is not a Canadian thing

Twitter user @ryanbassil asked an important question when faced with this sad picture of Justin Bieber nearly face-planting into a burrito: "does….justin bieber not know how… burritos work?" Bieber, hailing from our neighboring country to the north, seems awfully keen on diving right into his wrap from the center. Perhaps he does, in fact, not know how burritos work.

This led us to an important consideration: Is this a Canadian thing? They are already running out of weed just days after legalizing it, so we're a little hesitant to believe they have everything under control. Maybe, they never quite figured out how to eat this delicious Mexican dish. 

With the intention of getting straight to the cold, hard facts, I reached out to Toronto citizen Stephanie Macas to clear things up. She replied within seconds, "No don't worry," and a wave of relief rushed over me. They may be running low on pot, but the rice, beans, and whatever other delectable fillings they have in their burritos are not spilling out every time they take a bite. 

Now that we're clear it's just you, Justin, here's a handy tutorial to use the next time you get a hankering for a burrito. You're welcome.