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Justin Bieber’s New, Leaked Song Will Give You Sex Feels

the non-‘Purpose’ track is for the lovin’

“Oh Girl,” a fresh, hot Justin Bieber track, that is not on Purpose, has just leaked on the Internet and is already raising temperatures everywhere. Granted, it’s very normative for a sex jam. It’s irrelevant where you personally fall on the Kinsey Scale. It’s irrelevant what your sexual preference is. Hell, it’s even irrelevant if you fully hate Bieber. “Oh Girl” is your new sexy time theme no matter who you are. Just listen and accept it.

Now, there’s no word on where “Oh Girl” came from. Is it a Purpose outtake or a wholly new, piano-heavy production? We can’t be sure. What’s clear is that it’s the most sexual thing the Beebs has ever produced in a very, very R&B way. Honestly, the lyrics are a centimeter from being a parody of a Barry White song—but, y’know, we’re good with that. Again, just lie back and drink it in. You’ll see the light.

Oh, and yes, the song is actually, really, called “Oh Girl” in true life. We are not smart enough to have made that up on our own.

Listen to "Oh Girl" here.