Justin Bieber Should Not Be Sorry For This New Song

bieber has found his purpose

Justin Bieber’s gone and done it again. What do we mean, you ask? We mean Bieber continues to redeem himself with each and every new song he releases. And “Sorry,” the latest track lifted off his forthcoming Purpose album, is just as outstanding.

Bieber reunited with one-half of his “Where Are Ü Now” collaborators, Skrillex, for the track. Together, they and Blood Diamonds—the guy behind Grimes’ “Go”—made an impassioned crooner for the dance hall. “I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe one or twice,” he sings. “Is it too late now to say I’m sorry?” he asks later on in the chorus. (The answer is no.)

We’re witnessing a Bieber in the process of being reborn. His bad-boy image is slowly but surely turning into one that’s found its footing. His sound is a departure from his previous work, but it’s welcome. The radio is going to eat this up just as much as the club scene.

We don’t want to say you’re forgiven, Bieber, but you’re on your way. More of this, please!