Let Justin Bieber Take You On A Personal Tour Of His Tattoos

including that weird selena gomez one

Here you can witness the videographers of GQ magazine getting up close and quite personal with Justin Bieber and all of his many, many tattoos. Taking a moment to step away from tickling the ivories on a white piano—something he was doing shirtless, of course—the 21-year-old takes us through a tour of his ink much as a Hells Angel or Marine veteran might, stopping for moments of nostalgia along the way.

There’s his first tattoo, a reference to the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a work so important to both Bieber and his family that he forgot the title. Then there’s his legendary Jesus piece, an “X” that does more than mark the spot, and, of course, those new, actually pretty cool wings he has on his neck.

The best part has to be when Bieber takes a moment out to talk about a tattoo that’s apparently of his former flame—yep—Selena Gomez. We say “apparently” because, and no offense to the artist here, we would never have known it on first glance. But then, these things happen with ink. Really, please pause the video at 1:25 and tell us what you see. Turns out he's tried to cover it up in the time since the two split, though it's hard to see how.

All this said, it’s a nice laid-back look at the star and all the work he’s had done. Click on for some personal alone time with shirtless Justin.