Listen to Justin Bieber’s New Single “What Do You Mean”

listen to “what do you mean”

Justin Bieber and a bunch of random celebs have been teasing his new single "What Do You Mean" on Instagram for weeks, counting it down like it's the end of days. Well today the world is still a thing, and the Biebs' single is finally here in the form a lyrical lyric video starring professional skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro, who are about to see their amount of followers skyrocket.

The song itself is very catchy, more in the vein of "Where Are U Now" than "Baby," and represents a shift in Bieber's sound. He's now singing over chilled-out electronics instead of candy-oated R&B, and the song and this new sound suits this new phase in his musical evolution. At the end of the video, after Sheckler and Castro have made the streets of L.A. their bitch, they hook up with a shirtless Bieber and his entourage in a warehouse to hang out and do some more skateboarding. It all looks very fun. Watch it above.